Florian Joanna and Lew in front of the FILTER Detroit house, October 2018

Florian Joanna and Lew in front of the FILTER Detroit house, October 2018

Family Research Stop-Over

Time Duration

9.10.2018 – 12.10.2018

Joanna Warza, Florian Malzacher, + Lew

Curator couple Joanna Warsza and Florian Malzacher and their son Lew came to stop by in Detroit for three days. The Berlin based family previously visited Chicago and Pittsburgh on their research travels.


As part of the visiting artist and curator program at Sullivan Galleries, School of the Art Institute Chicago, Joanna Warsza, gave a lecture with the title: “Outside of the Institution´s Protective Walls.“ Among others Warsza has been the Artistic Director of Public Art Munich from 2016-2018. She considers herself as a city curator. Her partner, Florian Malzacher is a curator for visual and performative arts, a theater critic, and he worked e.g. as curator (dramaturgy) for the festival Steirischer Herbst from 2006 until 2012.





Current Residents
Ricardo Bachmann & Kimara Hungerbach


Recent Residents

Kimara Hungerbach & Ricardo Bachmann

Time period

August 31st-September 22nd


Three weeks

Detroit, as well as other cities in the United States, has experienced massive transformations in terms of labor, space, and availability of capital.

Kimara and Ricardo, two researchers with a focus on the social impacts of design, have embarked on a project called "BoUD - Bang of Urban Districts", which involves observing ever-changing communities and the human effects experienced by these transformations.

During their three months stay in the city of Detroit they want to analyze and film its diverse urban districts, as well as the human channels in which information, wisdom, and knowledge are exchanged or isolated. Three areas of human networking and how they impact local societies to enable growth will be explored: Creativity // Digitalization // Social Work.  

Their goal is to create bonds and dialogues to cities like Detroit in dealing with effects of modern transformation caused by the shift from an industrial society to the post-industrial-information age. They have a meaningful interest in the concept of social realities and how it can be re-examined. 

Kimara Hungerbach, based in Berlin, Germany, studied and works in the field of visual communications, and utilizes video and photography as her medium to demonstrate conceptions concerning human conditioning. She is interested in decontextualizing specific aspects of differing societies to explore unrealized biases that will provide a critical reflection into structures of existing hierarchies of power. Based in Hamburg, Germany, Ricardo Bachman studies a range of societal topics while using photography and installation art as a tool to illustrate these concepts visually. He ascertains the various levels of our aesthetic perception, the creative processes that have permanently influenced design and, above all, the potential of cross-border possibilities at all layers of society.


Recent Residents
Ulrike Behrendt and Daniel-Simon Helbich


recent Residents

Ulrike Behrendt & Daniel-Simon Helbich

Time period

June- July 2018


5 weeks

Ulrike Behrend a former ceramics student at the art academy Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle, Germany, and her partner Daniel-Simon Helbich, an experienced machine builder and art activist from Leipzig, stayed for five weeks at FILTER Detroit.

Their reason for coming was to experience a city for a longer time period during their three months road trip though the US leading them from the east to the west coast. As part of their residency at FILTER Detroit they tamed the weeds and unwanted tree seedlings in the backyard of the residency. Despite the hot summer weather they turned it into a  decent piece of earth, ready for growing vegetables, fruits, and flowers in.

Besides gardening they biked the city and got to know the neighboring art projects. In the final week of their stay they build a composting toilet for Popps Packing.

Recent Residents in front of FILTER Detroit

Recent Residents in front of FILTER Detroit

Front Porch of Detroit in the background.

Front Porch of Detroit in the background.


Garden Transformation

Ulrike Behrendt und Daniel-Simon Helbich  |  June-July 2018

FILTER Backyard after cleaning.jpg


recent residents

Kotti-Shop: Julia Brunner and Stefan Endewardt


Kotti-Shop went traveling to Detroit in April 2018. The performance, music and art theater HAU (Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin) in cooperation with FILTER Detroit invited Kotti Shop to do research in Detroit.

Working in an open dialogue with the art(s) in the project space and beyond has, according to Julia Brunner and Stefan Endewardt, “Actively served as a point of connection between local residents and members of the area’s artistic and cultural scene. For the past decade, Julia and Stefan have organized, curated and initiated the programming of Kotti-Shop, in what they describe as an “experimental, non-profit art and project space in Berlin.” Together with neighbors, other cultural workers, architects and designers they implemented a space of orientation and activity, especially to establish a continuous relationship with neighbors and its surrounding community.

Julia Brunner, a storyteller, author and sound artist, has produced several radio features and is a photographer besides her involvement in Kotti-Shop. Together with Stefan Endewardt, a trained architect who´s work addresses the areas of tension between art, architecture and cultural education, she stayed for two weeks of research travels in Detroit.

During their stay they connected to other project spaces that work with and within community, in the field of art, music, architecture and the everyday, such as One Mile, Popps Packing, the Hinterlands, Detroit Free Market or others.  During their research time while talking, walking, and experiencing different communities in Detroit, they engage in what they call multilogs of the urban. Figuring out what is it that is valuable to a community of people and how these values are enacted can be found while listening to the different voices, discussions, needs as well as desires that people express while they strive to improve their quality of living.

Back in Berlin Julia and Stefan produced a travel diary “ Kotti-Shop On Air #2 Berlin-Detroit“, which was aired on reboot.fm: http://reboot.fm/2018/05/06/kotti-on-air-2-berlin-detroit/

During the HAU festival „Detroit-Berlin: One Circle“ (5/30 -6/2/18), Kotti-Shop presented results of their residency together with SuperFuture and Halima Cassells as well as Free Market Detroit in an outdoor installation (mixed media and videos), called „Transphäre“.