Community is relating to all the individuals and institutional relations that contribute to, support, visit, or engage neighborly in a dialogue or exchange with FILTER Detroit, it´s research residents as well as Detroit based residents.


Neighborly engagement

  • The Hinterlands

  • Powerhouse Productions (Play House, dound House, Ride It Scuplture Park)

  • The Nest

  • Zimbabwe Culture Center of Dertoit

  • Burnside Farm

  • Woman of Banglatown

  • Klinger Street Studios

Organizations and Networks:

Working together on Projects and tours:

  • Popps Packing

  • The Hinterlands

  • Belle Isle Aquarium

  • Detroit Art Book Fair ( Ditto Ditto)

  • College for Creative Studies

  • Hatch Arts

  • School of the Art Institute Chicago

  • Sullivan Galleris, School of the Art Institute

  • Popps Packing

  • Bauhaus University Weimar

  • Friedrich Ebert Stiftung

  • Boggs Center

  • Allied Media

  • Wayne State University, Department of Art and Art History, Graphic Design

  • Underground Resistance

  • Data Driven Detroit

    And many more…


Individuals or artists:

  • Scott Hocking

  • Corine Vermeulen

  • Tyree Guyton etc. ..

  • Funding Organizations:

  • Goethe-Institut Chicago

  • Goethe-Institut Visual Arts Division, Munich

  • Behörde für Kultur und Medien, Hamburg