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Working the Land

Responsibilities and Values of Land and ownership

Saturday, 5th of October: 3 to 5 pm

Jar House, 13015 Klinger, 48212 Detroit (Banglatown)

What does it mean for individuals, neighbors, or the community to own, share or be responsible for land whether it is a vacant lot or property they owe?

Neighbors and experts from the field of research, community activism, and finance give a short introduction about what different forms of land use exist, and are possible. In their inputs they will focus on the responsibilities that come with landownership or stewardship of single-family homes in the Campau/Davison/Banglatown neighborhood. (Community Land Trust, LCO´s 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization / Land Contracts / Rental). 

This two hours workshop will feature presentations, a neighborhood walking tour, and afterwards table discussions will commence with locals, experts and interested parties that are willing to share time and knowledge about land use and land ownership. A snack is served at the end of the workshop.

Expert Inputs: (4 x 5 minutes)

·     Detroit Land Bank (a member of Community Affairs Department.): Responsibilities and numbers in the neighborhood.

·     Community Land Trust (Richard Feldman, Boggs Center): Land Justice: Community Land Trust and other forms of ownerships.

·     Banglatown (Akim Rahman from the Banglatown Farmers Market/HOPE Center/Masjid Fatima on Campau at Burnside): Farmers Market and Housing for immigrants in Banglatown.

·     Property Praxis (Josh Akers, Assistant Professor of Geography and Urban and Regional Studies, U of M): Post Crisis Housing Markets and Land Speculation vs. Land Use. 

Neighborhood walk : (3 stops )

·     Jayne´s Playfield (D'Marco Ansari : Public Private Partnership Specialist – East, Housing and Revitalization Department City of Detroit): Neighborhood Implementation Plan / Housing Rental and Homeownership in Detroit.

·     Ride It Sculpture Park (Gina Reichert, Power House Productions- arts organization and community member): Cultivating sustainable art solutions and neighborhood engagement. 

·     Burnside Farm (Kate Daughdrill): Land based ways of living in the city, cultivating land and community engagement.

During the walking tour all the participants of the workshop are asked to take notes, map, take photos of land sites or just draw mental maps. The result will be shared afterwards. 

The workshop will close at 5pm. 

The workshop is organized by Kerstin Niemann, FILTER Detroit.





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