In Dialogue with Mike Kelley Researching Michigan Avenue

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Artist duo Erwin Van Doorn and Inge Nabuurs from Eindhoven (the Netherlands) spend three weeks in the fall of 2017 at FILTER Detroit. Accompanied by 39 reproductions of framed collages of Mike Kelley ́s „Morgue“, which they brought from the Van Abbemuseum ́s contemporary collection, they researched and explored the context of this particular work series relating it back to his home town Detroit. Just before his death Kelley worked with the Van Abbemuseum on an audio guide translating the collages into a more contemporary context – he never finished. The artist duo took up the idea of an Audiologue while establishing a dialogue with the city of Detroit sharing and hosting the reproductions of Mike Kelley`s work. Within their three weeks work period they mapped Michigan Avenue as one of the major streets leading into the city and out to the suburbs cutting through different communities of the city of Detroit towards the suburb Westland, the childhood home of Kelly.

Back in Eindhoven the artists worked intensively on their gathered materials and impression dwelling deep into the history that combines contemporary art making, modernity in relation to the socio-economic connections between America and Europe. Their intensive studies of Kelley ́s work in US institutions as well as in European art collections lead them to form and shape their Detroit findings to produce „Zwischenlandschaften II“ a video installation and performance, as part of a series which they refer to as „Game piece“.

In October 2018 they presented „ZLSIII feat. Mike Kelly / Franz West, a performance and video installation presented at the Boghossian Foundation at Villa Empain, together with experimental dancer (Eleni Ploumi) and a classically trained percussionist (Kjell de Raes) they performed the Game Piece with . The location, Villa Empain, well chosen once hosted the historical Franz West / Mike Kelley show in 1999. (Link to Villa Empain). Marta Hrecznyj, long-term FILTER Detroit resident, art enthusiast and graphic designer supported the Inge and Erwin ́s production of the Game Piece in Brussels. Please read her review, who as a Detroiter accompanied the production and performance on site in Brussels and Eindhoven in 2018. (Link to Kaput Magazin)

From the 15ht until the 21st of March the video installation „Zwischenlandschaften III“, a monologue densely constructed with images, landscapes and quotes referencing work, history and context of Mike Kelley`s „Morgue“ series, is screened in the auditorium of the Van Abbemuseum. After that it joins the collection presentation „The Way Beyond Art“ featuring the works from Kelley’s Morgue series. (Link to Van Abbemuseum)

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